Trestles beach

trestles beach

Perfect weather all year round, no doubt San Clemente is one of the fascinating cities in Orange County. One of the well-known beaches in the city is Trestles Beach, a haven for surfing enthusiasts.

Trestles Beach is a part of San Onofre Beach and a favorite spot for surfers. You can find this sandy place in the northernmost part of San Onofre. True to its name, you can find here a collection of surfing spots near the train trestle. But for full-blooded surfers, this is where they can enjoy their hobby and passion to the fullest.

At Trestle Beach, your happiness comes in great waves. Surfing in San Clemente has never been better when you do it in Trestles Beach. Read on and use this knowledge as your surfing guide in San Clemente. There are several waves in the area of Trestles. Each works better with a slightly different mix of angles, periods, and sizes of the swell.

At each spot, sand flow and tides also play a major role in the quality of the wave. For surfers, Trestles Beach is one of the great spots to enjoy the activity in Orange County.

Trestles Has Been Saved (For Good, This Time)

With several breaks that work amazingly under different conditions, surfers barely get disappointed at Trestles. Lowers is the popular surfing break in Trestles. The waves are located south of Uppers and north of Middles. Lowers works amazingly on almost any swell exposed.

You can find a sort of safety valve wave in the Middles.

trestles beach

It may not be as awesome as the other surf breaks in the area but it can give decent waves for beginners. Waves in Middles is a combination of sections, and the wave shapes depend on the type of swell hitting the area. This surf break is located in the most northern part of the beach. It attracts a kind of weird crowd when Cottons breaks. The wave is rolly at the top of the point in the deeper water so you can see many guys with bigger boards, guns, longboards, big-guy fun boards.

This area breaks just to the north of the nuclear power plant. The Point and Dog patch are within the range of the break and is popular with surfers. Variations in the outer edge of the reef create the different breaks along this beach section. The waves break softly, making them particularly famous with beginner and intermediate surfers.

There are quite several options for you to find this surfing gem in San Clemente. Park at San Onofre State Beach. Plus, you can pass Church another surf spot and admire its beauty as well or stopover. Park up around Cristianitos Road and walk down the trail. You basically get our your gear and walk down the trail to the beach. Some surfers bring bikes with racks or skateboards to save some time.

Cottons Point 8-27-14

Drop off at the trailhead right off of Basilone Road freeway exit. Before Trestles Beach become one of the popular places to visit in San Clemente. Long before the railroad track was held up by wooden trestles which are now covered by concrete. Some got arrested for trespassing during those times.

The park granted locals and visitors the right to enjoy the 2. Now, locals and guests of San Clemente can enjoy the best of Trestles Beach.Trestles Beach attracts surfers from all over the world to experience the perfect wave. Trestles are named after the railroad bridge over San Mateo Creek near the entrance to the beach.

To get to Trestles, you will have to walk about a mile from the parking lot down a winding paved trail. The path and the beach are posted no dogs so you will have to leave your four-legged friend home on this trek.

Once you arrive at the beach you will enjoy some of the last undeveloped coastal areas in Southern California. San Mateo Creek Lagoon is directly on the beach and during winter rains sand and rocks are washed down the creek and out to sea helping to create the surf break.

Along the bluff overlooking the beach, there are several trails where you can take in wonderful views of the beach all the way to San Onofre. If you are going for a hike then you will probably have the trail along the bluff to yourself with the occasional runner of mountain bike rider to say hello to.

San Mateo Creek flows into a small freshwater lagoon at Trestles where you might spot a few birds. Trestles Beach has a reputation as a locals-only beach. Some surfers are very territorial but for the most part, everyone is very friendly.

During the year, several surfing contests are held here and there is usually a shuttle bus to take you to the grandstands. The main trail ends at the train trestle and from there you walk along the beach to your destination. Some of the best surfing spots are even further away.

trestles beach

Surfers are quite innovative carrying their boards on bikes with racks or skateboards for a quick trip down to the beach. On a big surf day, the Trestles can attract a large crowd and surfers are going to have to share the waves with hundreds of others at the best breaks.

During a heavy rainstorm, the lagoon empties into the sea. Sediment flow from the creek is one of the reasons for the quality of waves at Trestles. Portable bathrooms are available at the beach entrance near the trestle but anything else you need will have to be carried in.

The hike down the trail is defiantly worth the trip and you will be rewarded by one of the last unspoiled except for the train track stretches of accessible Southern California coast. The original wooden Trestle bridge pictured above has been replaced with a seven million dollars concrete structure. The bridge is still a trestle, just not made of wood. Trestles still is a secluded surfing spot, but a little bit of Southern California surfing history was lost with the replacement of the wooden bridge.

The Marine Corps still uses Middles for practicing amphibious landings. The beach at Trestles is a bit sparse and difficult to access but yields a fantastic experience for those that are willing to traverse its rocky shoreline.

Trestles Beach

Trestles are located at the north end of San Diego County. Most people think it is an Orange County Beach. The trail to Trestles beach is located just off Christainitos Road across the freeway bridge from the parking areas. There is a parking fee required parking lot and some street free street parking The parking lot fills up fast so arrive early on weekends. Walk across the freeway bridge, turn left down the trail, and then right to the beach.

San Mateo Campground connects to Trestles Beach via a trail. San Onofre State Beach. San Clemente State Beach is adjacent to Trestles.Check the Surf Report.

San Diego County. OC to LA County. Orange County N. Orange County S.

Trestle Beach

Los Angeles N. Pacific Beach S. Los Angeles S. Surfcam Trestles. Best conditions are at low tide during a west swell. The lineup tends to be spread out with different takeoff spots. The lefts go against the grain, the main right peak on the outside runs a little before slowing down. Straight south swells tend to close it out a bit. Great during summertime conditions with a little more west and south swells. The right, once you get lined up on its grove will let you crank off as many turns as it will give you.

It gets good during the winter. North swells can create really fun surf here. Bring either your shortboard or longboard, you'll see it all here. As the inside corner wraps around the point and jacks up it can be very rippable. Maybe a little soft, but again, it can have its day when all the right conditions come together.

Upload Your Surf Photos of Trestles. Upload Surf Photo. I think our elected officials have virus of the brain. Pacific Beach Surf Report. Should be better when the tide fills in. More Posts. Upload Your Surf Videos of Trestles. Upload Surf Video.Trestles Beach is a 1. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. It's easy. You can loop around the bicycle trail or walk along the beach. Trestles Beach easy Show more Show less.

Length 1. View Full Map. Waypoints 0. Reviews Inez Lopez. August 25, Nice little uphill trail to Trestles Breach from San Mateo campground.

August 24, Nice little nature walk to the beach. Allie Paul. June 24, Good trail to the beach, a bit steep and there isn't a ton of shade. David Worcester. May 25, Interesting walk to an epic wave. Danny Ortiz. April 5, Stuart Z. March 12, First to Review. Charles Smith.

September 10, Justo Fuentes. September 5, Sunshine Hiker. August 23, Road biking. Rachel Sanchez. July 19, Chris Evans.A near two-decades-long battle to permanently protect San Onofre State Beach from road development came to an end on Friday night when California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Billprohibiting the development of any roadway s that might impact or encroach upon the state beach.

It also happens to be the site of over 2 million annual human visitors and over 6 million dollars in state revenueand roads, of course, are required to get the majority of us there.

But inafter plans were rolled out for a six-lane toll road off Interstate 5 that would have cut right through the state park and also through a sacred site of the Acjachemen peopleThe SSOC, of which Surfrider Foundation is a part along with Audubon California, The Sierra Club, and 9 other environmental organizationsquickly banded together. Over 1, activists showed up to a Parks and Recreation Committee hearing in protest soon thereafter, and over the course of the ensuing odd years, the opposition continued to mount.

Inthe coalition organized the largest public turnout in Coastal Commission history, where, according to Surfrider Foundation, over 3, people attended, resulting in a unanimous rejection.

Still, toll road developers pressed on, and in two lawsuits were filed to overturn what park protections were in place. This victory would have not been possible without the thousands of passionate and motivated advocates who stood our ground to forever save Trestles. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The latest escalation in the decades-old dispute over access to the exclusive coast. Channel Islands, …Lost and Firewire now offer mid-length models for mass consumption.

Brian Keaulana is hoping to bring a surf park to vacant state land in Kalaeloa. San Onofre Trestles. Thank you for signing up. Your information has been successfully processed! Billy Kemper is calling this cavernous monster the wave of his life Ryan Craig. Todd Prodanovich.Trestle Beach is an industrial property that the Port has opened to the public as a recreational river access point. This is primarily a safety issue, as there are old broken pilings hidden beneath the water.

Please be respectful and follow the rules so that Trestle Beach can continue to remain available to all. Please walk along the beach under the dock to reach the Trestle Beach Recreation Area. The Port has arrangements with a third party to open and close the gates to the parking area. The gate will be locked at closing time. If your vehicle is locked in, you will have to wait until the gates are unlocked the following morning to retrieve it. The Port does not employ staff to maintain the Trestle Beach property.

Skip to main content. The Port office is open to the public Mondays - Wednesdays. Click for more info. Port Of Columbia County. Home Contact Us Available Properties. Search form. Search Website. Trestle Beach is now on winter hours and closes at PM. Click for info. Trestle Beach. Winter hours are a. See map: Google Maps. Contact Information. Monday through Friday. View Full Contact Details.

trestles beach

Upcoming Events. Special Meeting.North of Upper Trestles is the surf spot called Cottons. South of Middles is the surf spot called The Church. Lower Trestles consistently has the best waves of the group. Uppers is less consistent, but it has the potential to be a good wave with a long ride.

Trestles park is home to a variety of plant and animal life.

Trestles Beach Southern California Secluded Surfers Paradise

The most common plant is the coastal sage scrubwhich is native to the coast of California and thrives in the area's Mediterranean climate.

Trestles park is also home to quite a lot of animal life, including California brown pelicans. These animals used to be endangered species, but the populations recovered so well that the species was removed from the endangered species list in During times of heavy rains, there is usually a river delta flowing into the ocean where there are often tadpoles.

One plant which grows right out of the sand is the beach evening primrose. Each plants creates a large mat of roots and foliage which is an extremely important aspect of the ecosystem, because other plants are able to grow from the stable surface this plants provides.

The primrose can be identified by its bright yellow, four petaled flowers which open in the morning, and turn reddish as evening progresses. The primrose has unique medical benefits as well.

These flowers aid in the treatment of sore throat and eye diseases. During periods of strong rain, Trestles park has a stream that runs through its center and empties into the ocean. The stream does not usually contain much animal life, as it dries up fairly quickly without a steady water source. The stream does create a small pool which contains mainly tadpoles. When the stream dries up above ground, an underground water flow still exits into the ocean, just not through a river delta.

It is an interesting phenomenon to see the river drain from under the sand into the ocean. One significant problem is littering.

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