Probing of anomalous hzz interactions at high

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probing of anomalous hzz interactions at high

Share this article Share with email Share with twitter Share with linkedin Share with facebook. At such a machine, the fusion of two W bosons through the HWW vertex would give rise to typical charged current events accompanied by a Higgs boson. We demonstrate that azimuthal angle correlations between the observable charged current final states could then be a sensitive probe of the nature of the HWW vertex and hence of the CP properties of the Higgs boson. Smart citations by scite.

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Light minimal supersymmetric standard model Higgs boson scenario and its test at hadron colliders. Determining the chirality of Yukawa couplings via single charged Higgs boson production in polarized photon collisions. This website requires cookies, and the limited processing of your personal data in order to function. By using the site you are agreeing to this as outlined in our privacy notice and cookie policy.

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Clicking on the donut icon will load a page at altmetric. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. Proteome-wide cross-linking studies have spurred great interest as they facilitate structural probing of protein interactions in living cells and organisms. However, current studies have a bias for high-abundant proteins. In this study we demonstrate both experimentally and by a kinetic model that this bias is also caused by the propensity of cross-links to preferentially form on high abundant proteins and not by the inability to detect cross-links due to limitations in current technology.

We further show, by using both an in vitro mimic of a crowded cellular environment and eukaryotic cell lysates, that parameters optimized toward a pseudo first order kinetics model result in a significant increase in the detection of lower-abundant proteins on a proteome-wide scale.

Our study therefore explains the cause of a major limitation in current proteome-wide cross-linking studies and demonstrates how to address a larger part of the proteome by cross-linking.

Supplementary Data set 1: Intra- and inter protein cross-links of S. Supplementary Data set 3: Intra- and inter protein cross-links of yeast BY lysate in the presence of increasing amounts BS3 cross-linker Data set referring to Figure 4 and Figure S5. Supplementary Data set 4: Exact pipetting schemes for all in vitro and lysate experiments.

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More by Kai-Michael Kammer. More by Stefan G. More by Martin Beck. More by Florian Stengel. Cite this: Anal. Article Views Altmetric. Citations 5.In this paper, a systematic approach to analyse these polarisation density matrices is presented.

With the aim of making maximum use of the polarisation information, all of the elements of the polarisation density matrices are related with observables, which are measurable at the environment of pp collisions.

Download to read the full article text. B 1 [ arXiv B 30 [ arXiv Andersen et al. Higgs propertiesarXiv Barger, K. Cheung, A. Djouadi, B. Kniehl and P. Kuhn, M.

Stong and P.

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Zerwas, Prospects of measuring the parity of Higgs particlesZ. Choi, D. Miller, M. Muhlleitner and P. Zerwas, Identifying the Higgs spin and parity in decays to Z pairsPhys.

Anomalous Diffusion of Proteins Due to Molecular Crowding

Buszello, I. Fleck, P. Marquard and J. Hagiwara, Q. Li and K. Mawatari, Jet angular correlation in vector-boson fusion processes at hadron collidersJHEP 07 [ arXiv Gao, A. Gritsan, Z. Guo, K.

Melnikov, M. Schulze and N.

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Tran, Spin determination of single-produced resonances at hadron collidersPhys. D 81 [ arXiv Bolognesi et al. D 86 [ arXiv Plehn, D. Rainwater and D.To that end, we consider possible corrections to the Standard Model Higgs Lagrangian, in the form of higher dimensional operators which parametrise the effects of new physics. In our analysis, we pay special attention to linear observables that can be used to probe CP violation in the same. By considering the associated production of a Higgs boson with a vector boson W or Zwe use jet substructure methods to define angular observables which are sensitive to new physics effects, including an asymmetry which is linearly sensitive to the presence of CP odd effects.

We demonstrate how to use these observables to place bounds on the presence of higher dimensional operators, and quantify these statements using a log likelihood analysis. Download to read the full article text.

B 1 [ arXiv B 30 [ arXiv Espinosa, C. Grojean, M. Muhlleitner and M. Ellis and T. Espinosa, M. Muhlleitner, C. Grojean and M. Corbett, O. Eboli, J. Gonzalez-Fraile and M. Gonzalez-Garcia, Constraining anomalous Higgs interactionsPhys. D 86 [ arXiv Azatov, R.

probing of anomalous hzz interactions at high

Contino and J. Montull and F. Klute, R. Lafaye, T. Plehn, M. Rauch and D. Gao et al. D 81 [ arXiv Choi, D. Miller, M. Muhlleitner and P.

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Zerwas, Identifying the Higgs spin and parity in decays to Z pairsPhys. Ellis and D. De Rujula, J.We have studied the diffusion of tracer proteins in highly concentrated random-coil polymer and globular protein solutions imitating the crowded conditions encountered in cellular environments.

A similar, although less pronounced, subdiffusive behavior is observed for the diffusion of streptavidin in concentrated globular protein solutions. These observations indicate that protein diffusion in the cell cytoplasm and nucleus should be anomalous as well, with consequences for measurements of solute diffusion coefficients in cells and for the modeling of cellular processes relying on diffusion.

A detailed understanding of the diffusion of proteins in solutions containing high concentrations of soluble macromolecules is presently lacking. However, such an understanding is needed to correctly model passive intracellular transport, a process likely to regulate important cellular functions such as signal transduction 12self-assembly of supramolecular structures 3gene transcription 4kinetics of reaction 5embryogenesis 6or regulation of cell polarization 7.

This understanding would also be beneficial to several important fields of studies across disciplines. In the fields of physical chemistry of solutions and polymer physics, it would facilitate the resolution of long-standing fundamental questions such as the clarification of the mechanisms that govern the dynamics of single chains in polymer solutions and the determination of the relationship between the macroscopic and microscopic viscosities of these solutions 8 — In pharmaceutical research, it would permit the improvement of drug delivery systems relying on the slow release of drugs from polymer matrices 11 Molecular crowding affects solute diffusion by increasing the effective viscosity of the medium It is also known to cause depletion interactions, which tend to segregate macromolecules according to their size due to the increase in free volume accessible to the solutes upon segregation 14 and to affect the rates of chemical reactions taking place in solution 13 In cells, for example, it is thought to influence not only protein and nucleic acid diffusion, but also molecular recognition 16protein assembly 17and protein folding 9 However, despite its crucial importance, diffusion in crowded environments remains a challenge to study and predict.

Even in simple model systems such as concentrated polymer solutions none of the many models proposed can fully describe the body of experimental evidence available 8 In this article, we investigate the nature of diffusion in crowded globular protein and random-coil polymer solutions that we take as a model system for diffusion in the intracellular environment, and show that protein diffusion strongly deviates from simple diffusion in these systems.

The description of the diffusion of a solute in a continuous medium is usually based on Fick's law, which defines the diffusion coefficient, Dof the solute in the media.

Combined with conservation of matter, Fick's law leads to the diffusion equation, whose solution yields the usual expression for the mean-square displacement of a diffusing particle in three dimensions:.

The dependence of D on the diffusing particle's hydrodynamic radius and on the solvent viscosity is captured in the Stokes-Einstein equation. However, whereas Fick's law is an established phenomenological law for diffusion in isotropic fluids, there is no physical reason why it should always apply to more complex systems More generally, in complex media, one might expect the mean-square displacement to obey a power law:. In fractal media, where there is no characteristic length scale, true anomalous diffusion is expected at all scales 21 This simple phenomenological argument does not predict pure anomalous diffusion, but just subdiffusion over an intermediary range of timescales.

This type of crossover effect is well illustrated in Monte Carlo simulations of diffusion in the presence of immobile point obstacles Although observations of anomalous protein diffusion in cells have been reported 26 — 29in the majority of studies to date, three-dimensional 3-D cellular diffusion has been assumed to be simple. One reason for this is that, whereas two-dimensional membrane diffusion has been clearly shown to be anomalous 243031a fact sometimes attributed to corralling effects or to interactions with immobile membrane proteins acting as fixed obstacles, in the cytoplasm or the nucleus the case for anomalous diffusion of proteins is not easy to demonstrate, because diffusing proteins are too fast to be easily followed by single-particle tracking.On the bet slip you can enter your stake, which will automatically display the potential return.

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probing of anomalous hzz interactions at high

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