Nextion display sleep

This document goes through various features of the current Nextion Editor. Note: Nextion Editor has undergone an extensive overhaul in support of the new Intelligent Series similarly with v0. As such, the new Nextion Editor is not expected to retain every previous behaviour exactly. Old Nextion devices pre v0. With the new, then there are indeed new behaviours and new possibilities.

Where an item within the guide may be specific to a particular Nextion series, the following icons will be used to represent the series: For the Basic T Seriesfor the Enhanced K Series and for the Intelligent P Series. The latest version of the Nextion Editor can be downloaded from [ here ]. The Nextion Editor can be set to a Blue or Black themed style Style is found in the upper right corner. Many of the panes can be adjusted on both size and their location.

To resize, drag the splitter between panes and move to resize the panes. To move a pane to a more convenient location, drag the title of the pane and release on your preferred drop point. Panes can also be pinned to retain a fixed position or unpinned to collapse to an edge when not in focus.

When needed, you can reset these settings by selecting the Reset layout under the Setting menu. Other settings in the Nextion Editor can be configured in Configuration under the Settings menu. The default font of the Nextion Editor can now be changed to suit your taste. The default timeout of ms for the Debug Simulator can be adjusted from 20ms to ms. Code hints, highlighting, description, tooltips and auto-complete can be set individually for the Editor and the Debug Simulator.

Default path for eeprom and sd files can be customized to suit your taste. When neede, you can reset these settings by selecting the Reset layout under the Settings menu. The number of recent projects tracked is by default 10, and can be increased. Right-clicking a project allows you to select from the following:. When an HMI project qualcomm usb composite device 9006 oppo a37f not currently loaded, you can:.

Here, Users can create a New project, Open an existing project, Save the current project, Save as to rename and save the currently loaded project, Close Project to close their current project, and Exit the Nextion Editor.

Import Project will append an existing project into the current project — usually with resulting naming and renumbering issues. As such, it is recommended to import individual pages if required.

Clear Recent Projects used to clear the Project filenames in the Recent projects pane has been removed and is now accomplished in the Recent projects pane with context click and selecting Delete all records, or by managing the recent projects with more selectiveness.

The option to open the output folder location in Windows Explorer can be made by clicking only open the output folder link. These are covered individually in Section 3 of this Guide. The Setting menu contains two items: Configuration and Reset layout. In the Configuration menuitem, the user can choose for the Nextion Editor and the Debug Simulator if code should be highlighted or not, if Auto-Complete should be on, if the descriptions for instruction parameters should be on or not, if the tooltips should be shown when the mouse is over the toolbar buttons.

For serial data in the Debug Simulator, the timeout can be adjusted from its ms default value to a user selected value within the range from 20ms to 5 seconds. For the new Intelligent Series, the user can choose if there should be a 3 second delay at screen edge before allowing the component position to escape to the outside of the canvas area.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a Nextion 7 inch enhance type display.

nextion 1.4.0

Now display become sleep mode after 2min, if there is no any touch event. I have several pages and I want to reset to a specific page, if there is no any touch event in any page instead of sleep function. I got a timer and change tim value. The Nextion screen has a command for this. It is called wup and defines the id of page that the screen should go to on wake from sleep. The default is set towhich means that the display wakes up on the page it was on before the sleep event.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Custom sleep function for Nextion Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 2 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 2k times. But, this sleeping is completely turn off the display. Greatly appreciate if someone can give a solution for this. Active Oldest Votes. I solved the problem using a Nextion timer. I reset the timer in page touch event.

In timer event I put this code. Thanks for your answer. But, I want to sleep to a specific page. Not wake up. Not sleep page. The Overflow Blog. Featured on Meta. Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new response….Ron says the rescaled graphics look better than earlier versions. The files are attached as a zip containing the. The 90 refers to the orientation of the display, this one puts the SD card slot at the bottom. This work is on going but due to high requests they have decided to release current versions which are fully functional and utilise the full display area.

Others are working on resizing the firmware to work on 3. The pace of development is pretty staggering. We all look forward to other functions being added to the Nextion screen in future! He will be releasing the 7 inch. He will a lso release a new youtube demo. This could be used to extend the microSD card slot of the Nextion display out to the exterior of the case.

This would be handy for upgrades to the display firmware as new features become available for your display. The slightly dimmer display halves the current consumption from 89mA to 44mA with a series 50 ohm resistor made up of two ohm resistors in parallel or 3 x ohm resistors in parallel.

The resistor could be installed across a slide switch or toggle switch with one pole shorted and the other going through the resistor to allow for two settings normal, dimmed. This could be handy for night time or portable use.

The circuit diagram for this is as below:. Make sure your microSD card is no larger than 32GB. I am sure if you dig deep enough there might be a way to do this. It is also worthwhile buyong a brand name card like Sandisk. When the I removed the card and power-cycled the rig the Nextion display came up fine with a demo program that was already loaded. One group member has already found this out the hard way. You may get a message on the display that the load failed because there is more than one.

This can happen even when you look and you see only one file. The same goes for Linux. But you can see them by typing:. Power up the display before you start making holes and check the orientation of the display and that the screen is functioning correctly.

Given it is not symmetric there is a wider bar to the right hand side of the display care is needed! The inner silver line on the screen defines the touch sensitive boundary.

Cut your hole so that the screen fits so the line is just visible around the outside edge. Dimensions of Nextion displays can be found for this zone on the itead website. Click on your display and near the bottom of the page you will find a link to the screen dimensions.

Some of you will have been sufficiently observant to notice that the graphic at the top of the www. Careful work with a drill and file will yield satisfying results. Now a hinge system? The current releases include support for the 3. So what is new in this latest beta release?

The buttons are more reliable, and are quicker to take action.

nextion display sleep

Changing mode was a bit of a slow process with lots of flashing buttons in previous versions Pressing on the step size now opens up buttons to select step value.

This makes it so much quicker to get around the band. Select a bigger step value to get to where you want to go, and switch back to 1Hz steps to fine tune.Pages: 1 [2] 3 Re: Using Nextion displays with Arduino. Quote from: jtbennett on May 12,am. Quote from: PerryBebbington on May 12,am.

Quote from: PerryBebbington on May 12,pm. Code: [Select]. Hello, thank you very much for this tutorial Perry Bebbington, it is excellent. I see that these screens consume a lot of energy you said that the NXT consumes mA. Do you have any way to decrease its brightness? Or leave it in sleep mode? To try to reduce your consumption. Thank you very much again. A greeting. I've modified the HMI files to include automatic display dimming, which happens after 10 seconds of no pressing any buttons.

Quote from: PerryBebbington on Jun 08,pm. Quote from: jtbennett on Jun 08,pm. For some reason, I cannot find the HMI file. The zip file only has the TFT file. Hello chuckhager, Apologies, I uploaded the wrong file when I made some changes a few days ago. Hopefully you will get the correct file now if you download again. If not, please let me know.

nextion display sleep

Thanks, Perry. In ' Using Nextion displays with Arduino part 4 ' I have added a demonstration of using a scrollable text list.

nextion display sleep

This includes new HMI and ino files for you to download and try.This is not an ordinary display. You cannot simply write data to it. You will first have to create an appropriate interface. It has some good tutorials and once you have created your own display, it is very easy to present data and control devices with it. The ESP module can be used to control a serial Nextion display. Due to its on-board intelligence and the presence of a touch panel, the display can be used to control devices.

The Nextion software module provides the use of a software serial port. So, it is not required to use the 'native'Tx and Rx ports of the controller. This display works with 5V and can be connected directly to the ESP module. The Tx pin of the Nextion is regulated to 3. In order to get these displays to work properly you need to activate the pull-up of the Tx pin. A quick test is to set the pin to high 1 but for long turn you should enable the pull-up instead.

If the pin is missing a pull-up you can add one yourself by soldering a 10k resistor from 3. Although this is not the place to go into too much detail of the Nextion Editor, the examples help to explain the possibilities of the plugin.

Please bear in mind, that this is the result of my experiments, no more, no less. Let's assume you would like to have a control panel with several pages. Below is an example with 5 pages and some test pages. A front page, an info page and some switching pages.

To make browsing between pages run smoothly without having to wait for databoxes to be filled, variables can be used. Several of them are declared and made global on the front page.At the risk of repeating myself apologies to regular readers for this first para the Nextion display is in fact a range of touch-LCD displays from small to large. The thing they all have in common is a a complete programming environment where, by downloading a desktop graphical tool, you can lay out the display, what it will show and how it will respond to button presses.

So first things first — what it IS, is an excellent low-cost way to get visual controls onto your IOT device. What it is not, is fun to program. However, it works — and with a little effort you can soon bypass the inefficiencies of the interpreter and get the job done.

In order to work with limited processing power and I suspect the limited programming ability or program space if the interpreter is anything to go by they like to handle rectangular areas — these are easy to move about at high speed. But they have come up with a good solution to this — the cropped image.

Coding the Nextion

In essence you use a basic image with everything shown turned off — i. Use of the second image — with everything turned on — is controlled by the Nextion itself — that is selectively showing parts of that second image as needed — of course this is just a very BASIC example — you can have multiple pages, you could programmatically select more than just 2 alternatives 3 state button or LED… and the Nextions — if you get TOO ambitious — can handle an external SD for even more images.

A cheap throwaway Meg SD holds quite a few images. As that data comes out of the Nextion, my ESP software picks it up, sends the message out over MQTT and triggers a timer for the little cheap phone buzzer for haptic feedback.

When we get our new boards and I get my office put together — I will endeavour to go into that side of the project — as I see a lot of future in this as a high quality, wireless touch display.

Peter, what about image persistance? And have it back on with touch or a button? Many monitors and tv suffer from having the same image always on…. What you are referring to as image persistence is I am assuming screen burn.

Nextion Display with Arduino – Getting Started

So we can discount the benefits of dimming from that perspective. Ok, I already have another display running serially off a PI which is my main heating controller. That has dimming — it is absolutely trivial to implement as there is a command to set the brightness of the display — hence you can send such commands from Node-Red. You could also implement it in Nextion displays but I try to give them as little to do as possible. YES you will save a little energy if that is important — and if so super.

On the other hand it does mean that every time someone goes to use the display they get a second class experience until they actually press something. My own preference would be to adjust the brilliance depending on the time of day. Better would be to have a light sensor and pick up ambient light — that would be trivial with an ORP on the ESP analog input — but is it worth it. Hi Peter, are you going to put the esp backboards on sale?

I would be in for at least 3 of them. I have high hopes for this one…. Good job explaining the highly useful yet poorly documented cropped image feature. If you listen carefully you can hear it speed up and slow down. I work a lot better if I have a known good starting point from which to start rather than building a project like this up from scratch. Somehow on that display I have to also fit the time, date and other info… I can see that developing into a multi-page job.It also provides details to the various command formats that are used to send Nextion button press information or other data.

This wiki information has been updated to include the hardware UART serial features that were added late Display sizes for both families ranges from 2. The Enhanced version has all the capabilities of the basic model, but has more memory, faster processor, and GPIO. Please note that the examples shown in this wiki have been tested on the basic version.

In addition to the two product families, there are also region specific models. More specifically, there's the Chinese market TJC series supported by tjc To be blunt, unless you have a project that specifically requires the Chinese market TJC display, our recommendation is to use the global market NX series. Be aware that some sellers do not specifically mention the exact model number. If you are unable to confirm the model information then it is advisable to choose a different supplier. Name: Enter the device's name here 40 characters maximum.

This connects to the Nextion's TX pin. This connects to the Nextion's RX pin. Both the Nextion and ESP utilize 3. However, reliability of receiving characters sent from the Nextion may suffer due to ESPEasy's background interrupt conflicts. So using this method requires extra coding to ensure that ESPEasy correctly receives Nextion's serial data.

Hardware Serial is extremely reliable and can support a variety of baud rates. Furthermore, it requires disabling ESPEasy's serial log feature; This is automatically done when hardware serial is chosen.


Omitting the transistor will prevent the ESP from booting correctly! Advice Tip: Despite the extra work, the hardware serial method is strongly recommended.

If all these conditions cannot be met then soft serial must be used. Baud Rate: Select required serial baud rate.

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