Hetalia canada makes america cry fanfiction

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Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Warning this fic is very gay and has Top! France and Smut and mpreg. Don't like it don't read. France and England have been together for years and as many couples, they had their share fair of breakups. They both didn't like how the other pinned their babies against each other.

The second one was cheating on him with China but doesn't blame Hong Kong for anything. He treats him like as he is one of his own children, he had most of England's kids, including Sealand headcanon of mine. Most countries with the exception of Prussia, Spain, the Italian Bros, Austria, and Greece always assumed that France would cheat but he's the country of love and he wouldn't dream of cheating Arthur.

After those breakups, Arthur wants to get back together with Francis but he has to prove to him that he truly loves him and heal the damage he caused with the help of their children, his brothers, and friends. Will, they finally get that happy ending or will it all downfall? After suffering from a severe accident, Alice develops amnesia from head trauma.

Losing her memories of her life with her childhood sweetheart. But Marie is determined to help Alice regain her old self. To bring back the girl she loves. WW2 AU. London pub owner Arthur Kirkland is driven to distraction by loud, brash American fighter pilot Alfred Jones.

Unable to stop it, Arthur finds himself falling for Alfred's charm, just as the pilot is preparing to leave for war. O how secrets spill and scars to reopen. Lies of decades come to spill the truth. The brightest smiles fall to show what is true. Beautiful flowers wilt. I am very sorry but this story is discontinued.

I might remake it but I will no longer be updating this. Every so often, America wakes up feeling down, a remainder from the great depression. Normally he just stays in his room at times like these, but there is a world meeting today. He was just a fish, swimming upstream, managing to get by from ferrying himself off of the other larger, more strong fish, who had little to no problem going against life itself, swimming with the school while he was pushed out and out and out and down and back and.

Asymptote - a line that continually approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance In other words, you can get closer and closer but never reach it.

MMD APH - Reading a PruCan fanfic

He takes the journey to visit him and to make sure that he is alright. I'm really bad at summaries. Basically, after the breakup, everyone's a mess, and Alfred's desperate for love, Arthur's desperate for anything honestly. Romano could see how much it hurt England to be the butt of Europe's jokes. So he finally lashes out and calls them out on their own flaws and bullshit.Notes: I don't own this series, for one, and if anyone tried to sue me they'd get precious little, being a poor English student and all.

They might get a lot of books, but they'd have to fight me for those. Anyway, this is a politically leaning story. If it offends you And ah well, artists, of all sorts, are meant to push lines of all kinds. If I get them OOC personal political views excluded please let me know! I'm brand new to the fandom. He hadn't expected to find him crying.

There were fireworks going on outside, celebrating his birthday, and he was never the one to cry on his own birthday. He reveled in it, often poking fun at his former big brother, a cheerful smile on his face and the simple thrill of being alive and free one more year bolstering his already high spirits even higher.

He wasn't supposed to be alone in his home, rocked back into a corner with the curtains drawn and tears streaming down his face. America looked up, streaks left behind by the salty water that had been pouring down his face for heaven knew how long. What are you doing here? It was a pleasant feeling, being able to stand over him after all of those years. He hadn't realized how much he missed it. The taller nation nodded solemnly, plucking his glasses from his nose and trying to wipe the smudges from them.

The shutters are closed. The room was lit with reds, blues, and bright whites as the fireworks exploded in the night sky. You really should go listen.

In which strip of Hetalia does Canada make America cry?

England let out a startled gasp and grabbed at him, easing his fall and taking a hard seat with him. America shook harder as a fresh batch of sobs broke free as the woman outside sang out, " O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? The finale wound down and the fireworks eventually stopped, leaving the former brothers with only the soft sniffling of the younger nation to fill the uncomfortable silence. And then it made sense.

He'd tried to ignore the articles in the Times that had been coming out about unrest across the ocean. A president that had offered so much and delivered so little and the people were angry. England shook his head sadly and sighed.

He was cradling the younger nation now, as the other didn't seem to have the strength to hold himself upright.Published this story a while ago, but had it taken down by FF.

Now it is back by demand and can hopefully stay up! Canada signed aloud as he watched the other nations leave the room in preference for the German streets. Another world meeting had ended; another several days of his existence being forgotten by most and mistaken by a few. With a melancholy expression, the lad picked up the rest of his folders and began to slowly leave the room.

As he left, he heard several of the others still in the room talking, but was not too interested to care what they were talking about. In a matter of minutes, Canada found himself in the parking lot by his rental, only to fell a strong, chilled wind blow across by; causing him to realize that he forgot his coat in the room.

Upon realizing this, he looked back to the building; contemplating if he really needed to go back to the room to grab it. At last with a sigh, he placed Kumajiro and the rest of his things by the car, and headed back to the building to grab the coat. After all, it was one of his favorites and there would not be a meeting the next day.

hetalia canada makes america cry fanfiction

When Canada re-entered the room, the first thing he realized was that the others in the room had stopped talking as soon as he re-opened the doors. The second thing he noticed was that the few people left in the room were glaring angrily at him. Canada gulped when he realized this, hoping to himself that he had not interrupted anything. As he walked, he kept his eyes glued onto the others, only to watch to his horror as their glares turned into sinister-looking smirks.

In what felt far too long for the Canadian's comfort, Canada reached the chair which his coat was draped over, only to have two of the three others grab his shoulders and pull him towards a nearby wall.

Funny how things work," The smallest of the three said while undoing his tie. I'm-," Canada began to explain only to have the third person punch him in the stomach, followed by the others joining in.

Upon feeling the blows, Canada tried to defend himself while getting away from him, but when he reached the point where he could run out of the group the tallest offender grabbed him by the hair and pinned him to the floor. That's not very 'heroic' of you," He said while pushing Canada's face harder against the floor.

The smaller man then began tying Canada's hands behind their owner with his tie as the victim squirmed in an attempt to get free. The others agreed with this and roughly turned Canada over so that he laid on his back. With the knife, the man began cutting away at Canada's groin as he and his friends laughed at their captive's pain. The smallest of the three abruptly stopped, however, when he heard Canada say, "…I'm Canada. They then quieted down as he continued, "I think we may have attacked the wrong guy.

Once the three of them heard this, they stared at Canada for a moment before each in turn gave a face filled with dread. In response the middle-sized one walked to the nearest table and said, "We continue as if he was America. Go to the security room and delete the camera tapes. Make sure no one sees you. Before joining him, the middle-sized man casually placed a note on Canada's stomach, grabbed his things and left with his friend while pretending nothing was wrong.

The note he left read, "Wrong one. It did not take long after they left for Canada to pass out from blood loss, not to be found until much later when the staff got around to setting the room into order.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Canada is always being mistaken for America, but this time things go too far when a group mistake the two and hurt Canada; ending with Canada changing in some big ways. His friends and family are not about to let this go, however. Resubmitted due to request.

Rated T for gore in the first chapter and other possibly touchy issues.General Complaints. I've had this idea since November.

It's based off the strip where Canada lashes out on America for three hours and makes him cry. When I got the idea, I hadn't seen the strip and then when I did, I felt kind of screwed over, so I had to make a small back story to this. I also added the PruxCan to it because I felt like it so hush.

Matthew Williams was not in a good mood that morning, at all. He had gotten in a spat with his lover that morning and that had ended with the Prussian man leaving his house. He was in no mood to receive any guests today or entertain anyone, but lady luck had somehow seemed to dessert him and his brother ended up managing to get inside his house and make himself comfortable on the couch.

Well, actually, I have a few things to ask you. First off, I need money, thanks; I knew I could count on you. Second of all, I'm thinking that I should start a war with one of those Middle Eastern countries and you're coming with me so you can watch the back of your heroic brother and third of all, I accidentally ran over your garden gnome on my way here, so you owe me money for the damage to my car.

I'm sick and tired of you bossing me around! If you don't, that'll just mean that you're an insensitive coward. You're the good for nothing, free loading, egoistical, selfish, attention seeking, boot licking one! You have an ego the size of the planet and you take everything and everyone for granted! You're heartless and self-centered and you think that you can just barge into other people's houses and demand they do things for you.

On top of that, you're rude, you manipulate me to do things for you, you drag others in petty little conflicts that cause stupid wars and you start wars for even dumber reasons! You hold a grudge worse than England does.

You're a power hungry, money seeking person who doesn't give a shit about the consequences of your actions and you have a big, fat empty head. You're poorly educated, you think you're cool with your "Southern drawl" and you think that everyone wants to be like you.

hetalia canada makes america cry fanfiction

You treat people poorly, you spend everyone else's money and you have no self respect or self control. Your idea of good food is a hamburger, you keep inventing crazy crap that no one gives a shit for and you keep bragging about how amazing you are when you aren't. You can't take a hint and you think the world revolves around you, especially considering you can't even remember where I live half the time.

You're not a hero and you'll never be! You think you're so great, but you aren't. You keep telling the others that we need to do this and that to protect the planet, but meanwhile, you're creating more and more polluting things by the hour. What's good for the others isn't good for the "awesome" America, oh no, God forbid!

Your people have no respect for the others and you have backward ways of thinking.Now pay attention to the meeting. I'm trying to get Russia to stop poking me with the pipe, aru. Hm, I wonder who is calling my name?

America thought Oh no, please don't be a ghost. He thought scared to death. He laughed out loud. Please don't cry. Russia noticed Canada crying and America trying to make him stop. Russia stopped messing around with China. China sighed a breath of relief. Russia went over to the brothers. Mattie just started crying that's all. America turned back towards to Canada, rubbing away some of the tears.

Canada tried to calm down a bit but kept crying. England went over to try to figure out the situation.

Canada wiped some of the tears away "I'm just sick and tired of nobody recognizing me. You don't even remember me, Arthur. I've lived with you for years.

And you still don't immediately recognize me! England went into bit of a slump. I really am," apologized England. Canada nodded and wiped his tears away. Russia patted his head. America saw this and puffed up with a hint of jealously. Most of the Allied Powers knew what Russia was saying was right.

They just never said it. Now, the tall nation was finally saying what a lot of people wanted to say for so long. Is this what all you guys thought of me the whole time?!!Germany blushed at the little Italian and looked away, nodding a yes to the young boy. England got up as well and many Nations headed out the door. Canada on the other hand walked to where Russia was still sitting, waiting for everyone to leave before he too, got up and went home. They watched as all the drama unfolded. America on the other hand ran up to England, slinging an arm around his shoulders, "Come on dude, let's go get a burger.

That annoying smile and voice just seemed agonizing to pay attention to. His smile was far too wide to seem natural his laughter was so loud that it made the people around his cringe.

England wasn't as happy as America though, he was quite the opposite actually; he picked America's arm up with his fingers as if it was something disgusting and let it fall by the American's side. America just wouldn't take no for an answer however; he kept insisting that England go with him to McDonald's, and England kept saying no as politely as he could. They were now in the parking lot by England's black car, and England was standing by the bumper when he whirled on the happy American.

Here's the thing about happy people; they usually break worse than others. For a lot of people, being overly happy is just something they have done since they were little and have come so accustomed to being 'happy' that they don't know when they are faking it and when it's real so they just assume it's always genuine happiness.

For better explanation of the situation; America doesn't care about insults or anything; most Americans don't. This can cause people to get upset that they can't bother him. Right now tho, America is reaching out to England for help. Of course he would never actually ask for help; he has to much pride for that, so instead he ask him to go eat with him. America is under a lot of stress during this time and England doesn't know that Alfred is just reaching out for some free, relaxation time, so he rejects helping him.

You see, at this point America just stood with his mouth gaped open, wanting to speak but not having any words to say. The young blonde was in utter shock that the Englishmen was yelling at him- usually he had more restraint. You would think that would have been enough and the Englishmen would have driven off by now but no, he kept going. You can't save the world no matter how much you want to and to be honest we don't want you involved in our affairs.

I wish you were more like your sweet brother Canada and just keep quiet! I wish you would shut your mouth for five seconds and listen to what's going on and stop being so arrogant, seriously the world doesn't revolve around you. Everything you say is rubbish, take some lessons from Matthew and then maybe people would like you! The stress is so great on America's shoulders right now that these small words, that on any other day wouldn't hurt him- have a huge impact on his unstable emotions at the moment.

Instead of taking a deep breathe Alfred's iron hard skin -that keeps him immune to insults- cracks and begins to crumple around him. Leaving him exposed to the pain of the world and the words of others. England was so mad that he didn't notice America backing away slowly and he didn't notice the tears that were threatening to spill from his aqua blue eyes. America hears this all the time but for some reason today it hurts more then usual, he knew everyone thought this and he wouldn't care any other day, but day when he needs the help the most this just seems to make the pain all the much more worse.

He especially didn't think England, his father figure from when he was young and one of his friends now would ever be the one to yell it out and throw it in his face. He was beyond hurt; he was devastated at the words spoken to him. England turned around, still not paying any attention to the boy; he turned on his heels and stormed into his black Mustang fastback.

Throwing it into gear he drove away from the shocked blonde, not looking back.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Summary: America knew two things 1 he loves Canada 2 Canada is his. And his alone. Sadly Prussia just had to push him to his breaking point.

What will america do. Will he meet people like him? Why are so many countries missing. Will people help him? Infor no seeable reason, North America went into a self-imposed lockdown. No one was allowed in or out. No one knew what was happening, and wars were nearly started over citizens not being allowed to come back to their native lands.

Native North Americans are never allowed back home. Natives to North America are no longer friendly and are hostile unless you are spending money.

Inthe second trip is sent to North America. There are nine humans whose positions are widely known and eight whose positions aren't. Okay, first time attempting a weird horror wild-mans-land writing. Not a seasoned writer.

Please give me tips and tricks if your willing to. Just a oneshot to dip my toe into. May continue in the future. Vous aimeriez trouver un peu plus de Turquie x Islande?

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