Fimco 110 gallon sprayer

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fimco 110 gallon sprayer

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Fimco LG-60-3PT-WP-309-BL-TSC Owner's Manual

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Install the directo valve sub-assembly to the 3-point carrier valve. Slide the hose clamp to the end of the. Find the 1" x 36" pump feeder hose. Using a good quality thread. Slip the hose all the. Remember to use sealant. The roller pump is included with the assembly. Attach the. It is. The torque chain needs to be secured to the tractor to. Wrap the handgun hose around the hose hangers, which are. Remove the plug from the top of the directo valve and using.

Attach the boom buster bracket to the telescoping brackets. The telescoping. Slide the boom buster subassembly onto the boom buster brack. The speed chart indicates the num- Roller pumps are positive displacement pumps, which means that ber of seconds it takes to travel the distances.

Set the throttle and the entire solution being pumped must go somewhere or the pump with a running start, travel the distances. Page 3 Boomless spray nozzles are great for rough terrains, road side spraying, fence rows and other areas that are difficult to apply with a traditional boom. Fimco Mfg.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store.

Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Fimco Sprayer loses pressure Hello Everyone I have a question for you all I hope you all dont mind.

I finally finished assembling my sprayer. Its a Fimco gallon Sprayer When I turn the pto on, the liquid filled pressure gauge goes up to around 60lbs of pressure There is fluid coming out of the spray nozzles, but it doesnt seem to have any pressure on it. The gauge goes to almost 0 Zero lbs of pressure. I dont seem to have any leaks, because when the valve in closed, the pressure goes to 60 or so lbs I read a couple of threads that basically had the same problem, but I dont know how they solved that issue, what is wrong with the sprayer Can someone help me out please Reply With Quote.

Re: Fimco Sprayer loses pressure Needs new washers. Or replace the pump. Re: Fimco Sprayer loses pressure the pump could be bad but that is the last thing I would check. Re: Fimco Sprayer loses pressure My sprayer has a pressure set valve that i boost to nearly 80 when the sprayer isnt on. When i open the valves it drops to about Then i set it to the pressure that the spray chart requires for the travel speed.Skip to main content Fimco Sprayer Parts.

My old manifold seized up and I couldn't turn the bypass levers anymore. I see the new sprayers now come with threaded connections, which would be better because these quick connects are hard to turn and I am afraid I might break one.

This replacement manifold works super and I am so happy to find it. I am now back to being able to spray my lawn and not having to purchase a whole new sprayer. See All Buying Options. Fimco OEM No. This item was well packaged this is important as it is a plastic piece. The valves are much nicer than the OEM valves as they swivel for easy alignment during assembly. Perfect fit for my 15 gallon pull-behing sprayer bought 15 years ago from Tractor Supply.

Item was exact fit for my sprayer. Works great and back in business spraying weeds. To be honest, I'm not using this controller as intended, so my opinion might not be worth much to you. I bought this item to control my light bar on my truck. I came across this controller, It runs on 12Volts, is semi weather resistant and best thing is that I don't even have to use the remote. I was able to program my homelink factory garage door opener in my truck to the signal of the remote. It works great and hasn't failed in almost a year so far.

Pros: small in size, works on fairly high load of Amps, cheap price Cons: remote feel cheap, double sided velcro doesn't stick very well, On and Off buttons use separate signals Which means I now have 2 out of Chapin 3-Nozzle Poly Boom Wand.

Works great added on to a homemade pull-behind spray system for my lawn. Spot Sprayer 15 Gal. It sprays great and saves my elbow. I couldn't pump my old sprayer anymore because of surgery on my elbow. I shold have bought this sprayer a long time ago.

Solo Sprayer Boom, 4-Nozzles, inches. The nozzles on this spray bar have a nice uniform pattern. Their spacing on the bar results in a uniform distribution if held or mounted about inches from the plants. I wanted to connnect the bar to my FIMCO sprayer but found that while the fitting was the correct diameter, it had different threads. I manage to get a good connection using a short length of hose and a couple of hose clamps.

Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer, Gallon. I have a 5 acre hobby farm. Why did I wait so long to make this purchase? I put this sprayer in my lawn cart that I pull behind my riding mower. The electrical powers leads hooked right up to my mowers battery quickly and easily. I sprayed 3 acres of hay for dandelions in about 40 minutes!!!!!!!!

No more pumping hand sprayers!!!!! This would also work well with any ATV! I used about 2 ounces per 15 gallons to spray for duckweed on my pond.

3 Point Sprayers

With the dye it was easy to see where I had sprayed.This model features the best in class High Flo 2. Our FIMCO exclusive manifold places pressure control conveniently at your fingertips to fine tune your spray pattern. The folding 4 Nozzle Boom with premium spray tips offers 10 feet of total spray coverage.

fimco 110 gallon sprayer

This versatile Pro Series Sprayer is a premium upgrade designed for commercial use in business operations requiring small scale liquid applications. Apply pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. Attaches in minutes to category 1, three point hitch.

Four nozzle spray boom with 10' spray coverage. The 3 section boom features break-away hinges for transport or striking objects, such as trees and posts while spraying.

Fimco Sprayer Troubleshooting

Total coverage is 36 feet using all three nozzles! The UV resistant, molded polymer tank has a 5 inch tethered lid for easy access and is completely drainable. Built on a welded, powder coated steel frame this 3 Nozzle Boomless model distributes 36 feet of total spray coverage. Each Nozzle sprays independently offering increased efficiency with precise liquid application. Built on a welded, powder coated steel frame with folding 7 Nozzle Boom, this model distributes 12 feet of total spray coverage offering increased capacity with precise liquid application.

The UV resistant, molded polymer tank has an 8 inch lid for easy access and is completely drainable. Built on a welded, powder coated steel frame this 2 Nozzle Boomless model distributes 34 feet of total spray coverage. Features an adjustable trigger for stream, fan or anywhere in between. Built on a welded, powder coated steel frame this 17 Nozzle 3 Section Folding Boom distributes 28 feet of total spray coverage. Unit includes plumbing to attach to a PTO roller pump. PTO roller pump is sold separately.

Built on a welded, powder coated steel frame with folding 17 Nozzle Boom, this model distributes 28 feet of total spray coverage offering increased capacity with precise liquid application. Low Prices Fast Shipping! SINCE My Account Order Status Help Checkout 0. Breco View all. Sign up for our newsletter:.

Display 20 50 per page.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Fimco Industries is the largest manufacturer of lawn and garden sprayers in the United States. The product lineup on SpraySmarter. Noted for its sprayers, Fimco has many options and sizes available on SpraySmarter. Fimco Sprayers range in tank size from 15 to 60 gallons depending on the model.

Fimco Lawn and garden sprayers are available in both 15 and 25 gallon options. Both Fimco sprayers feature corrosion resistant poly tanks and manifold pressure adjustments. Fimco trailer sprayers are available in both 40 gallon and 60 gallon options, or the trailer sprayer can be fitted with smaller tanks such as the 25 or 15 gallon poly tanks. Both the 40 gallon and 60 gallon trailer sprayers operate on a 12 volt diaphragm high-flo pump. View as Grid List. Sign up for email promotions!

Receive spraying tips and tricks and valuable promo codes. Your information will not be shared. Add to Cart. Fimco 2. Fimco 4. Out of stock.

fimco 110 gallon sprayer

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