Custom sak

Introduction For those of you out there in the DIY community who have always wanted to personalize their 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army, look no further. With the provided CAD files as a base, an individual with some basic knowledge in CAD can modify the files to include inscriptions, logos, or cool features not offered on factory knives. Now I've always been fond of microSD memory cards and how much could be stored in such a small package.

custom sak

My only problem is that it's compact size is it's venerability when it comes to getting loss. So I thought it would be a perfect marriage to combine the versatility of a SAK with a microSD memory stick and add a compartment in the handle to store the card. Unfortunately, time and a lack of access to a 3D printer limited this Instructable to just images from my CAD station. If at the end of this Instructable you found it something worth your time and worthy of voting please do so.

Thanks for your consideration. For those unfamiliar with this model it has a couple of features in the scales that most 91mm models do not have; specifically it has storage for a ball point pen and a standard sewing pin great for digging out splinters. These scales are referred to as "plus" scales and can be found on a few selected 91mm models, but I digress. So I proceeded to remove the scales with a razor blade working it between the scales and the aluminum liners with a rocking motion around the three major rivet points or the brass pins where the blade rotate on.

With a little care, the scales can be removed without damage. Please be careful to not cut yourself. Remember, the scales are replaceable but your hand works best with 5 fingers each. Once the scales were removed I took a set of pictures of the inside surface of the scales. It was critical that the image taken had to be as close to parallel to the scales as possible. With the images of the scales displayed on screen I was able to trace the outline of the scales with a command called "Studio Spline" which creates a curve by the series of points I selected around the image.

The more points, the smoother the curve; but you get the idea. I also traced out the additional features of the scales which included the clearance necessary for the rivets, toothpick, tweezers, pen, and the "Cross and Shield" logo. Once all the curves were completed, they needed to be "Scaled" no pun intended up or down to match the size of the original scales. For this step, I measured the actual scales with my Vernier calipers and found they were 3.

Seemed a little odd this line of SAK was referred to as 91mm instead of 90mm, but who am I to judge. After generating a profile of the handle I was able to use the "Extrude" command to take the curve and extrude a solid to whatever thickness I wanted.

A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Made Swiss Army Knives (SAKs)

In the case of the original Compact, it was 0. Adding the clearance features for the rivets, toothpick, tweezers, pen, and the "Cross and Shield" logo was accomplished the same way. Trace out the curves and extrude them but with a "Subtraction" Boolean command instead of the "Create" command I used to make the base scales. Customize the CAD file 1. Import the whichever CAD files suits your software 2.

Keep the size of the TEXT as big as possible to reduce the chances of writing becoming distorted. Extrude the text in the positive direction for raised lettering improves gripping of the knife or in the negative direction for a flushed engraved look. Clean Up the Scales 1. Carefully remove any support material that may have printed with the job. Install the New Scales 1.

3D Printed Customized 91mm Swiss Army Knife (SAK) Scales

Remove the old scales a. Using a razor blade, carefully wedge the blade between the scale of the knife and the aluminium spacer b. The original scales are pressed on over 3 rivet heads on both sides of the knife c.Thanks for subscribing. Look out for an email asking you to confirm your subscription to Carryology.

I used to spend my summers as a youth in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He bought me a Wenger Backpacker II and I cherished that thing so much I kept the original box and instruction sheet for the next 15 years. I recently was organizing my EDC and found the Wenger again. Well, too bad! Victorinox does not make a model exactly like that.

Luckily, there is a small group of craftspeople out there that are serving this niche community of Swiss Army knife enthusiasts. These mostly self-taught engineers have figured out how to leverage everything from handfiles and homemade forges to even CNC machines to produce custom scales on up to completely custom SAKs.

Before I introduce you to them, a few things need explaining.

custom sak

The prices of these mods can be ten times that amount. So, what can be replaced or modified on a standard Swiss Army knife? Practically anything, really. Early mods were really simple and consisted of drilling out the rivets, swapping out tools for a configuration that was more appealing, then peening the ends of the brass pins to secure it. A lot has changed since those early days and now nearly every part can be swapped or modified.

The simplest way of adding some flair or customization to your SAK is by swapping out the scales. All stock SAKs come with cellidor plastic scales. They attach by snapping onto three washers on each side and are friction fit. They can be loosened but each time they are removed, it becomes harder to reinstall them.

The simplest scale upgrade would be to simply buy a new set of scales from the manufacturer, perhaps in a different color, and snap them on. The next level would be to buy aftermarket scales. These come in brass, copper, G10, carbon fiber and wood. Usually they have three slots on each side to accommodate the washers. One thing to keep in mind is almost any change in scales you make will result in greater weight, especially if you are replacing them with brass or copper; they are significantly heavier than plastic or titanium.

Finally, the ulimate scale upgrade would be replacing not just the scales but also the external structure of the SAK itself.

This can be seen in the Victorinox Alox series where the scales make out the outside frame of the multitool while the regular versions have the plastic scales sitting on aluminum frames. Most fully custom makers will replace the brass pins with screws that are countersunk into titanium scales. This makes the tool serviceable and often results in a less thick tool.This browser is not fully supported by thesak.

To properly view this website please download one of the supported browsers ChromeFirefox or Edge. Shipping, taxes, and discounts calculated at checkout. Register your email address below to receive an email as soon as this becomes available again. Add me to the store mailing list.

View Full Size Close. Search by Keyword, Style, Model Number, etc. Your Offers! Looking For A Gift? Shop Gift Cards. New Arrivals.

Best Sellers. Shop Bags Backpacks. Convertible Bags. Mini Bags. The Sak Exclusives. View All. Material Hand Crochet. Wood Beads. Phone Accessories. Jewelry Bracelets. Home Pillows. Limited Edition. Crochet Craze. Custom Design Your Own Customize. Design Gallery Americana. Beach Life. Fall Refresh. Personalize Crochet Craze. Show Your Spirit. Supply Chain.The distinct red color of the plastic handle scales is immediately recognized around the world.

Available in titanium, aluminum and brass, the scales fit all models of the 91 millimeter Victorinox line of SAKs. In order to keep the weight reasonably low, I decided to modify a compact two-layer SAK instead of a heavier three-layer model.

I bought a brand-new Victorinox Tinker, a popular model that is similar to the classic Spartan. The Daily Customs scales are manufactured to very tight tolerances, which sometimes causes problems with the manually riveted Victorinox SAKs.

custom sak

That is why Daily Customs advises you to use some additional glue or epoxy to mount the scales properly. They even sell small packages of a two-part epoxy by Loctite. In my case, mounting the back scale was a breeze, but I was not able to get rid of a little gap between the front scale and the liner. The gap was not only aesthetically annoying but also likely to attract dirt over time.

I contacted Jannik from Daily Customs, and he promised to fix the problem. I sent him my Tinker with the already glued-on scales. Unfortunately, he was not able to close the gap, either. There was a small mechanical mismatch between the Victorinox liner and the Daily Customs scale. Jannik bought a new Tinker at his own expense and mounted a new pair of brass scales.

This time the result turned out perfect. While this kind of customer service is laudable, the gap issue raises the question of how often other customers may experience the same difficulty. Jannik assured me that this has never happened before. So, should you buy the Daily Customs scales? Yes, but be aware that you could run into the same problem as I did.

Mounting the brass scales increased the weight of the knife from 62 grams to grams. But the looks are worth the weight. The next photos show the Victorinox Tinker that Jannik from Daily Customs had bought and modified himself. There are no gaps between the scales and the liners. From tools for gents. The right hand side of the knife fits great and looks it too!

Please contact Daily Customs contact dailycustoms. They make the scales for Tools for Gents. Previous Next. The following three photos show the gap.

Specifications Material: Brass Length: 91 mm 3. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Related Posts. August 24th, 0 Comments. August 20th, 0 Comments. July 13th, 2 Comments. July 9th, 0 Comments. June 8th, 0 Comments. Stuart Baker Hill January 28, at pm - Reply.Unusual custom colored scales on this one! What an adventure! One of the more complete configurations, when used in conjunction with a dedicated blade.

It includes the Cybertool with stan. This discontinued model is very popular with coll. Built for a customer in Singapore. The Scientist is 2-layer Victorinox model that includes the combo opener tool as well as th. The Victorinox Craftsman is a discontinued 91mm model, with a large tool set in six layers, first introduced aroundit h. No big blade to be found on this white gem!

The Victorinox Mountaineer is a 4-layer 91mm model, and is one of the few models t. The customer. Skip to content Deluxe tinker in wood. Foodie in carbon. Compact in green. Cybertool M openerless in white. Cybercompact in matte blue.

Daily Customs – Brass SAK Scales

Supertinker Mini in Yellow. Swisschamp mini new style in Blue. Swisschamp mini oldschool in Chameliongreen. Foodie in Red. Cybertool mini in Carbon.

Best SAK For Everyday Carry - Custom Pioneer X by Robert Lessard

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custom sak

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