Biotech conferences 2020

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Biotechnology and Plant Science

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biotech conferences 2020

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biotech conferences 2020

All Events. BIO Digital. JuneNew Virtual Event. Register Now. SepRaleigh, North Carolina. BIO Investor Forum.Mahasweta Pal, freelance science writer on Kolabtree, writes about the top biotechnology conferences in happening around the world.

Recently, the world of biotechnology scored incredible leaps of progress. However, the discussions on ethics and regulations in biotechnology research did not die down.

Vigilance, clinical practice guidelines, commercialization challenges, pricing of cell therapies, and so on — the agendas are overflowing for However, the bright side is, the crucial questions that remained unanswered until showed signs of certainty as dawned in. CRISPR regulations became definite and universal; the much-awaited regulatory actions on bioethical issues were addressed.

In such a dynamic time, the pace of the industry is something that a biotechnology researcher should not miss. Some of the biggest biotechnology industry events are slated forwhich promise a spectacle of groundbreaking developments. You could attend trade fairs exhibiting neurological research that could become the platform for wearables tomorrow. Similarly, at premier molecular biology conferences lined up, novel signaling pathways would be showcased, which are potential drug targets for tomorrow.

Biotechnology Conferences in 2020

Biotech researchers may attend not one, but at least three conferences. Therefore, we present a list of the most awaited Biotechnology industry events in happening worldwide freelance scientistsyoung and old, should attend! Not to forget, sessions by award-winning scientists, Phillip Greenberg Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Micheal Synder Stanford Center of Genomics and Personalized Medicinewho would be discussing successful clinical genomics programs, immuno-oncology, and converting health data into medical products.

Currently, early-bird registrations of different capacities are available, ending on Jan 8, Scientists exploring the potential of 3D models are invited to present their findings, which help the community remain abreast of the advancements and challenges in preclinical and translational research. Registrations are underway with various pricing options.

Viruses are the carriers of lethal infections, while also being the most used micro-organism models. Viruses follows previous meetings of virologists on Virus replication and host-virus interactions, organized by the MDPI journal.

biotech conferences 2020

Particularly, forthe conference themes are virus pathogenesis, antiviral innate immunity, and viruses of gastrointestinal pathologies.

Therefore, the event calls upon virologists to showcase novel research in molecular and cell biology, structural biology, immunology, epidemiology, and bioinformatics. Invited speakers include Rosa M. Stacy M. Registrations are open, including early-bird reservations and covering author registrations. The New York Genome Center is bringing together healthcare providers, stalwarts from academia, genomics companies, and advocacy groups on a grand platform.

Cancer At The Crossroads features talk shows with participation from global investors, regulators, researchers, and influential industry folks.

In additon, scintillating workshops cater to pertinent issues in cancer biology, novel cancer treatments, advancements in cancer screening. Moreover, the various research symposiums keep attendees informed on the near forthcoming shifts within the industry, and the directional changes for cancer research.

The next outbreak? We’re not ready - Bill Gates

At the edition, the keynote speakers include Mace L. As the registrations close after selecting just applicants, you probably have to register early! This conference invites researchers to present abstracts solely focused on the mechanisms, mutations, and the metabolomics associated with the Jak-STAT signaling pathway.Toggle navigation.

Search Search. Biotechnology Conferences Home Biotechnology Conferences Showing 1 - conferences out of Postillion Convention CentreAmsterdamNetherlands. World Vaccine Congress Washington Walter E. Drug Discovery Chemistry. LondonUnited Kingdom. Cairo Marriott HotelCairoEgypt. Holiday Inn SkopjeSkopjeMacedonia. Cape TownSouth Africa. The 10th CannaGrow Expo. Data Decode Summit India MumbaiIndia. RomaItaly. Bio-IT World Biomolecular Condensates Summit. Hotel Palace BerlinBerlinGermany.

AmsterdamNetherlands. Biomanufacturing Congress. Biotechnology for the Non Biotechnologist. Digital Therapeutics and Clinical Innovation Summit. ValenciaSpain. Pharma Tech Summit Hyderabad HyderabadIndia. Advances in Biomass, Biofuels and Bioenergy. Biologics Series. Milan Marriott HotelMilanoItaly.Revenues had never been higher. Onstage at an elite health care conference in Boston, Mr. Vounatsos said no. Biogen employees, most feeling healthy, boarded planes full of passengers. They drove home to their families.

And they carried the virus to at least six states, the District of Columbia and three countries, outstripping the ability of local public health officials to trace the spread. Unlike the most infamous clusters of cases stemming from a nursing home outside Seattle or a 40th birthday party in Connecticut, the Biogen cluster happened at a meeting of top health care professionals whose job it was to fight disease, not spread it.

The official count of those sickened — 99, including employees and their contacts, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health — includes only those who live in that state.

The true number across the United States is certainly higher. The first two cases in Indiana were Biogen executives. So was the first known case in Tennessee, and six of the earliest cases in North Carolina. All the people outside Massachusetts whom The New York Times has connected to the cluster have recovered. Others in the industry fault Biogen for being too tight-lipped about the outbreak. Citing privacy concerns, the company has declined to name them, even as other chief executives in biotech have disclosed their positive tests.

Responding to questions from The Times, Mr. Vounatsos refused to say even whether he had been tested for Covid The company has defended its handling of the leadership meeting and its aftermath, saying it made the best decisions it could with the information available at the time. Vounatsos said in his first public comments about what happened at Biogen. Founded in and based near Boston, Biogen helped pioneer the biotechnology industry, specializing in multiple sclerosis drugs.

Its experimental drug was seen as a potential holy grail — until the company announced about a year ago that the drug appeared to be a failure in large-scale trials. Patients were devastated. But last fall, in a stunning reversal, Biogen announced that further analysis of the data suggested the drug actually worked at higher doses. So was the pressure to deliver. Although some other companies canceled international meetings around that time, Biogen never discussed doing so.

The outbreak was raging in China but had not yet been declared a worldwide pandemic. As of Feb. Biogen executives in Germany, Switzerland and Italy — where there were just 20 known cases — packed their bags.

On the first night, about executives gathered for a buffet dinner and cocktails at the Marriott Long Wharf overlooking Boston Harbor.

Europeans gave customary kisses on both cheeks. Two days later, the senior executives returned to their offices. One drove to a manufacturing center in North Carolina. Others flew back to Europe.Don't have an account?

Sign up here! Plant Science conference will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in all areas of Biotech research which offers a unique opportunity for the participants across the globe to meet, network, and perceive new scientific innovations. Session 1: Biotechnology:. Depending on applications, it overlaps with the related fields of molecular biology, bio-engineering, biomedical engineering, bio manufacturing, molecular engineering, etc.

Session 2: Stem cell biotechnology and regenerative medicine:. Stem cell biotechnology:. Stem cell biotechnology develops tools and therapeutics through modification and engineering of stem cells. Stem cells differentiate into other types of cells, and also divide in self-renewal to produce more of the same type of stem cells.

Adult stem cells used in various medical therapies. Regenerative medicine:. Regenerative medicine is an Inter disciplinary branch that tends to repair or regenerate damaged cells or tissues to regain or restore their normal function.

Regenerative medicine is process of growing tissues and organs in the laboratory and implanting them when the body cannot heal itself. The injection of stem cells or progenitor cells obtained through directed differentiation cell therapies. Session 3: Industrial and Microbial Biotechnology :. Industrial biotechnology:. Industrial biotechnology is most promising new approaches to pollution prevention, resource conservation, and cost reduction.

It is referred as the third wave in biotechnology. Industrial biotechnology have a larger impact on the world than health care and agricultural biotechnology.

Also, since many of its products do not require the lengthy review times that drug products must undergo, it's a quicker, easier pathway to the market. Today, new industrial processes can be taken from lab study to commercial application in two to five years, compared to up to a decade for drugs.

Microbial biotechnology:.

biotech conferences 2020

Microbial biotechnology is a technological application that uses microbiological systems, microbial organisms to make products for specific use.

Current agricultural and industrial practices have the generation of large amounts of various low-value or negative cost crude wastes, which are difficult to treat and valorize. Session 4: Nano Biotechnology:. Nano biotechnology helps to indicate the merger of biological research with various fields of nanotechnology. Nano devices such as biological machines, nanoparticles, and Nano scale phenomena that occurs within the discipline of nanotechnology.

This technical approach allows scientists to imagine and create systems that can be used for biological research. In Nanotechnology uses biological systems are inspirations for technologies not yet created.

Session 5: Agricultural and Forest Biotechnology:. Agricultural biotechnology is an agricultural science involving the use of scientific techniques, tools which includes genetic engineering, molecular markers and diagnostics, vaccines, and tissue culture, to modify the living organisms, plants, animals, and microorganisms.

Crop biotechnology is one aspect of agricultural biotechnology which is greatly developed in recent times. Forest biotechnology is a growing field and it has many potential benefits for humankind and our environment. Lastly, trees are keystone species in many environments and are necessary for the maintenance of healthy forests and for restoration of damaged ecosystems. Session 6: Food and Feed Biotechnology:. Modern biotechnology plays an important role in meeting our future food demands in a sustainable manner.

Biotech increase crop yields and help to develop new crops. The technology is not only improving the nutritional quality of staple foods but can also diminish the need to cultivate crops on deforested land.Toggle navigation. Search Search. Biotechnology Conferences Home Biotechnology Conferences Showing 1 - conferences out of Postillion Convention CentreAmsterdamNetherlands.

Drug Discovery Chemistry. Holiday Inn SkopjeSkopjeMacedonia. Cape TownSouth Africa. The 10th CannaGrow Expo. Data Decode Summit India MumbaiIndia. RomaItaly. Bio-IT World Biomolecular Condensates Summit. Hotel Palace BerlinBerlinGermany. Biomanufacturing Congress. Biotechnology for the Non Biotechnologist. Advances in Biomass, Biofuels and Bioenergy.

Digital Therapeutics and Clinical Innovation Summit. ValenciaSpain.

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