223 for hogs

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223 for hogs

Thread starter Sully2 Start date Aug 24, Sully2 Well-Known Member. Might try some Tx hog shooting in the future and have an assortment of rifles I can take. My easiest to run with is a heavy barreled shooting name it rounds. But is a enough? Ive got 's and 's and a bunch in between Last edited: Aug 24, Joined Jul 29, Messages 10, Location Texas.

Sully2 said:. Joined Aug 6, Messages 1, Location Winchester and Federal make good factory loads. I shot hogs with my IA. J E Custom said:. Like the the will kill a hog it is just a matter of how quick.

Head shots can't always be depended on so I base this on body shots. I would recommend the if that's the biggest you have. I'd go bigger if you have it.This could vary from big game hunting, plinking, precision rifle matches, small game hunting, or even pistol competitions. Chances are there is someone here at TFB who can offer you advice on buying the right round for your task at hand. This week I will offer up some tips on picking the best.

If you are in the game of hunting with the. If you are looking to varmint hunt something like prairie dogs or even larger varmints like coyotes, the. However, if your chosen game is something larger like a hog or whitetail deer, the. Simply, be mindful of your game, your rifle, and what the end goal is.

Everybody presumably knows that the. That is why it is a favorite to begin with among varmint shooting circles. So with 3 different potential velocity ranges, you might stumble across, when should you be using each of them? With sub-sonic. You do not necessarily need to dispatch prairie dogs suppressed with subsonic loads, but you might want to be quieter while hunting fox or coyote. Often times if you are hunting over a bait pile or are using calls, you can get multiple coyotes to approach at once.

Shooting sub-sonic. It also helps by not scaring away every other coyote in the county. The middle velocity range you could encounter of reduced recoil loads — something above sub-sonic, but not your full expected velocity — is a bit of a touchy area.

These ammo offerings, although few, do exist. If somebody is dead-set on hunting medium-sized game, has fully committed to using a. The other reason to hunt down some reduced recoil loads in. That would be a colossal dink move. Instead, try to be accommodating so they might hunt, grow to like it, and slowly work their way up in caliber. All in all, the. With the. While both examples rest on opposite ends of the spectrum and there are oodles of iterations in between, they all have good utility for specific purposes.Invite your friends to the conversation.

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Game hunting and large prey. Deer stalking, hunting with hounds. Boar, pigs etc. But whats wrong with using the ? But I dont think its a big deal. More experienced guys with s will better answer that qn. Good manners are free. The greatest invention in the history of man is beer. Text alone does not convey the full message. Practice good hygiene. Ruger M77 Mkii VT. But hey, if it's there, why not use it Hence asking. Better over than under gunned.

If you have it you may as well use it. I started loading up my. Something that may be worth considering is the Nosler 60gr Partition. They're a well constructed bullet that by design can only mushroom the front half of the projectile and retain at least most often much more than half their original weight. Have a go but take your.SnakeWrangler 53, BOBO the Clown 48, NORML as can be 44, RKHarm24 44, Gravytrain 38, Most Online 19, Feb 5th, Print Thread.

Joined: Jul North Texas. Looking for kill pics or load data from anyone that has a "hog-only" load that they use in. Thanks guys! Joined: Aug Grenaded and literally liquified the heart. If I hadn't been in such a hurry to gut him I woulda taken a picture.

Thanks Mason. That's a great shot what time of day? Joined: May I shoot them with the 75 gr bthp match bullets by hornady. They get the job done every time. Joined: Sep Originally Posted By: bigtex What shoots well in one gun doesn't always shoot well in the next. Try several and pick the one that runs in your weapon best. My buddy shot him while I was doing spotter work for him. Offhand at about 10pm. He is a killer shot, he dropped right where he stood, although I am sure there are nastier bullets out there.

Joined: Mar Lubbock, TX. Ryan F. I have been told the 75 grain hornady HPBT should be great up to about yards. I have been loading them in my AR for accuracy loads. I'm just under MOA with them at yards. Joined: Jan SE TX. Quarter to half dollar size holes. Drops them just as quick as my but without the huge holes and mess. Stormy Weather.

And yet some folks say a. Originally Posted By: Stormy Weather. Boise, ID.They cause damage to wildlife habitat wherever they exist. Anywhere outside of these physical and regulatory boundaries they are a direct threat to our natural resources, environmental quality, and agricultural interests. Any feral hog see definition below found should be dispatched immediately, assuming you have permission and do so in accordance with all state and local ordinances. But I can use it to hunt hogs.

The truth is that the effectiveness of the AR in.

223 for hogs

After all, the bullets are the part that actually do the work. In fact, among hunters it is not considered a powerful hunting rifle at all. But I digress. The original 5.

.223 with heavy projectiles as a pig gun?

Plus, the less meat you destroy the more you can eat! And you want good expansion to maximize the amount of permanent tissue damage, from a bullet that holds together and retains as much of its weight as possible. Luckily, much of the advancements in modern barrier blind bullet technology have paralleled the advancements in hunting bullet technology.

An interesting fact is that the. The 62gr. But unlike the hard-to-find and expensive Speer Gold Dot. Primer: Compatible with rifles that have a free floating firing pin. Powder: Clean-burning, low-flash, fast-burning propellant boosts velocity through to inch barrels. Brass: Military-style colored iris gives visual confirmation of proper case metallurgy. Optimized boat-tail profile: For improved accuracy. Molecularly-fused jacket: Totally eliminates component separation, unlike other conventional methods.

Fused around a pressure-formed core. Skived tip: Internally skived bullet for consistent long-range expansion. They top out at about lbs so I had no doubt the. I told him I planned on using good hunting ammo and he told me that would be a necessity because you needed a lot of penetration for hogs.

In my research leading up to the hunting trip, I found the following story posted at GunsandAmmo. In my experience, a heavy, bonded. Sound crazy? I know, but on my last hunt I saw hog after hog soak up one-ounce gauge slugs one big sow took five and kept on going. Our group of writers took 15 hogs in three days, and everybody had the same experience when it came to slugs vs.

I theorize that hogs are more susceptible to hydrostatic shock than they are blunt-force trauma. This is good news, for just about everybody seems to own an AR these days, and most ammo manufacturers are offering hog-specific ammo for them. And a quick look at the Federal ammo website, or any retailer online that sells the Fusion.Does the.

This question has been debated for years. Countless hunting articles have been published imploring hunters to switch to a bigger hunting caliber. Do you agree? For those who do, please open your mind for what you are about to read. And one wild hog!

Allegiance Ammunition has been developing powder metal projectiles since Jeff Mullins, the company founder, opened the ammunition manufacturing business in under the name Extreme Shock USA. The name was later changed to Allegiance Ammunition in Since its inception, Allegiance has strived to set the bar for high performance powder metal technology.

Over the years, my AR platform has grown to include the 6. Each build has its purpose and the 5. Over the past several months, Jeff has been working hard at developing the perfect wild boar hunting cartridge. I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but Jeff worked the numbers like a mad scientist in his lab and produced the Allegiance Ammunition 70g PowerStrike.

The newly designed hunting round has a muzzle velocity of 2, fps, ft-lb of energy at 50 yards and ft-lb of energy at yards. In order for this newly developed cartridge to be successful, it must be able to penetrate light barriers bone to reach vital organs and expand or fragment when it strikes fluid filled tissue without exiting. The Allegiance bullets use compressed, lead free powdered-metal which provide plenty of punching power to penetrate through thick hide and bone.

Once the round penetrates the soft tissue, the powdered-core fragments, producing a controlled penetration. The expanding powdered particles pick up the surrounding damaged tissue and push it forward, increasing the frontal shock wave of the bullet. As a result, thousands of wound channels are created producing a hydrostatic shock that instantly shuts down the nervous system.

The rifle was suppressed with a SilencerCo Saker On paper, the round provided consistent half inch groups at 50 yards and groups within 2 inches at yards. I feel confident that the yard group would have been tighter with the use of a gun rest and a higher magnification optic. I was only using my range bag as a rest at the time. The day was finally here for the real test.

The South Florida heat was changing hog movement and our best chance to see a hog would be at first light and just before dark. As expected, no hogs were sighted during the early morning. The hogs tend to go nocturnal and find an isolated and heavily covered area to rest during the day.

It was AM or so when the group was picked up from their stands and we set out on the buggy.

223 Pig Hunt I Ranch Fairy

Dean and Jesse Pope were our guides for the day. The weather was great, partly cloudy with the temperature expected to be in the high 80s or low 90s. Dean drove the buggy as Jesse tracked the dogs on her GPS.Welcome to Outdoor Life's Answers section. Here you will find hunting, fishing, and survival tips from the editors of Outdoor Life, as well as recommendations from readers like yourself. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ for information on posting and navigating the forums.

And don't forget to check out the latest reviews on guns and outdoor gear on outdoorlife.

223 for hogs

Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Top Ad Widget. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I've never been a fan of AR style rifles nor of the. However, I picked up a receiver last year and put a 5. The original idea was to keep the rifle around just in case. Which meant it would have spent most of the time in the safe. However, I've recently gotten the hankering to try the combination on pigs. Wow, was I impressed!

Friday afternoon after sighting in, I got a very tight group with the last three shots! Saturday morning found me in the woods, toting that ugly rifle, looking for pigs. I didn't see any but will try again.

Is .223 enough gun for hogs? The proof is in the pig.

A few questions: Have you used the AR in. What bullet did you use? Were you satisfied with the performance? Attached Files ce83cb1. Tags: None. My brother in law for years shot a with 55grain core-lokts. Though none were shot at more than yds we had to track them as a group because we just didn't have any blood till we came upon them dead. Then they were often found laying in a pool of it.

A few years back he shot at one twice, swore he missed it, only it ran over a couple finger ridges and died within sight of another hunter. I bought a '06 as a loaner for him and banned from my place for deer. I know many use one and some swear by it but I am telling you my first hand experience.

Comment Post Cancel. I don't use a. Originally posted by dewman View Post. Originally posted by steve View Post. Geneva Conventions.

223 for hogs

It is very effective at that task.

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